What have you seen lately?


I’ve begun rewatching The A-Team. right now, Hannibal and BA are using a macgyvered flame thrower to burn down a cult compound because the leader of the cult stole hannibal’s cowboy boots. They are definitely the good guys.


I watched “The Losers” (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Alba, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, etc) last night. Kind of a fun/silly A-team wanna be film with a bit of Michael Bay in there.

Daft but fun.


I love The Losers; they dropped the marketing budget for it at the time because The A-Team came out the same year and it’s a send-up, but it’s a better film in a lot of ways, particularly given it’s much smaller budget.


Binge-watching Altered Carbon. It’s brilliant.

The Bladerunner fans kicking up a stink sound pretty similar to the ‘pureist’ Trek fans kicking off over Discovery.


Ignore those guys. They don’t know nuthin.