The State of Online gaming


What @Jester said @MicJules While it doesnt always happen to us, it does happen pretty much every round in some shape or form .

Now on ARMA its different, people play on other quieter servers, get all the money and weapons, and then come on a more populated server with all the gear. While not against the rules, its just very annoying when you you know even if you kill them, they will have all their stuff back in minutes. Annoying but I can live with it.

But if you read up on different games Mic, most of them say the same thing about more and more toxic players. Just google over watch and see the threads about it on there.


I must just play different games @Hammy. Bad squad play I suffer lots of times but intentionally killing not so much.

I don’t play Overwatch so can’t comment on the game. I can only make comments on the games I play/have played.


i only notice the chat in overwatch when someone points it out to me; our main issue has been matchmaking rarely gives you a good game, you’re either overpowering someone else or you’re outmatched by a much higher level squad of the same size (similar to what we’ve had in R6 in the past). Overwatch can have a lot of co-operative gameplay within a team which i enjoy. That and my (2nd) chosen character is quite easy to play.


I’ll admit, Overwatch is the most fun I’ve had with an online game over the last few years. I’m not sure if that’s because it avoids those problems, though, so much as it having that magic, inexplicable alchemy that lets problems bounce off rather than annoy me.

In that way, it got me gaming online again like back with BF2 and COD. There are problems, but I’m enjoying myself consistently enough that I don’t mind.


Shit talking has been around forever. I used to get shit talked on UT99 for sniping on Deck 16 all the time back in the dial up days. That isn’t what is new.

What is new is that a lot more people are now invited to the party who just weren’t back then and a lot of them are cunts of varying severity and type.

The industry has grown to bring in bigger audiences so they make more money which involves giving defference to the lowest common denominators when it comes to design and content.

The more the masses ‘REEEEEEE’ about what they want the more the rest of us who have been here since the earlier days are left out because we want more of what we took part in and helped grow when games didn’t have multimillion dollar budgets and dozens of mechanics - we had limited mechanics and content to work with so focused on what we could get out of what was there and try to play in a way that wasn’t totally obnoxious.

If you came across obnoxious players you usually had the option of going somewhere with no or at least less obnoxious people who played more in line with how you wanted to play, hence ZiiP is a thing.

Now the problem is that gaming has moved in a direction where even if you are lucky enough to have a bastion like ZiiP, you still have to expose yourself to the unwashed masses and mix with the exact types of people you became part of ZiiP to avoid…

It doesn’t help that there are less of us, but larger multiplayer games these days don’t accomodate for the likes of us, they accommodate for the ones we’ve been trying to avoid.

CooP is certainly an option, but there arent enough gamea with the flexibilty and diversity of content to accomodate as few or as many of us as there might be as little or often as we might play.


I tend to avoid toxic games alltogether these days. Main reason I stopped playing lots of WoT and didn’t go further into R6. Why? Simply because I didn’t have a group of people with similar ideas, like you guys to play it.

The best community so far is probably Warframe, mainly because its Coop based and barely has a competetive edge to it. Unless you count Fashionframe, never insult another players taste :D.

As long as a game has some sort of competetive edge it invites certain stereotypes of players. Its true in Overwatch, R6, WoT, WoWs or Smite. I don’t know about other games, I can only name the ones I played and run into weird people. Overwatch was pretty calm compared to WoT or Smite. It surely feels like people are getting less sensetive to what they can say when they think they are safe, masked by the internet.

I had some crazy shit going on in certain modding communities on Facebook. Getting insulted and then told I shouldn’t get insulted because we are on the internet, even by the mods. Its completely ok to call people assholes or cunts these days, more publicly then ever before, appearently standards are that low. I just hope that they try the same shit in public face to face, but most of them probably wouldn’t have the balls for that. Thats why they act that way, its the only place where they think they are in control. Surely, dedicated servers where a great


Iv always hated people
Few exceptions on bf2/bf3 with random helpful pubbers
God they were beautiful stopping to give lifts following orders… Giving orders
Used to make my eyes water
Now everyone’s a bastard


i feel like we should have a thread for posting up the few pubbers we encounter who aren’t dicks. Then when we feel down about it, we can look at it , see no one has posted for 6 months, and sink further into despair.


Hey, Hey,

I have really enjoyed reading this thread and agree with an number of comments.

The closes game I have found recently which reminds me of the go old days and achieve a number of element we/you are missing in games is SQUAD.

This game has dedicated server which you can admin etc, most people us VOIP, most people work together as a team/squad if not you can kick them etc.

SQUAD has/is bring developed by the same guys and gals who created BF2 Project Realty.

I found and join ZiiP through BF2:PR because I loved the teamwork and community.



If squad has progressed somewhat I might like to check it out. But as much as PR was fun, it was prone to armchair commanders. I feel this could also be the same.


@NastyPasty - have you checked out Hell Let Loose?


Good to see you back @NastyPasty !

As @MicJules says have a look at Hell Let Loose - we’ve got a thread about it somewhere. Quite a few of us have already backed it at their Kickstarter page. Looks very promising.


Hey @NastyPasty mate :slight_smile:

Ironically, Squad is the only game I’ve ever claimed a refund on through Steam. However, I purchase it very early on - but my immediate thoughts is it was terrible.

In fairness however, the PR team were good at updates and fixing things so it has probably changed a lot now.

Hell Let Loose is the game I’m now waiting for.

On a side note, I just loaded the PR website - My god it is still the same since 2006! It looks so dated now with its pixel fonts and stuff that used to be on trend back then… almost has a retro feel about it. My god I feel old now. Saying that, it doesn’t look ‘bad’ - it was a nicely themed site (mainly because they did a good job at creating a style palette for their brand) – but yeah, the net has moved on :slight_smile:


Well I missed a hell of a conversation.

Pretty much agree with Hammy on most of his points. I’ve noticed the scene overall Change massively. Part of it is matchmaking. Lack of community ownership means that there’s far less policing. Combine that with easier entry and huge growth in numbers means more shitty behaviour by virtue of sheer volume.

I find matchmaking to be a pretty nasty barrier. If I pair up with adrock or Reno on overwatch the matchmaking fucks us worse than any other time. When they play it’s mostly fine. But as soon as I’m in the mix the game actively gives us horrific matches.

I kinda miss rallying around a sever but honestly? The gaming I do now is more like "fucking around"with mates on a scattering of games. its been great fun to just dive on a game for a few days,trying different things.

I’m ok with that. Mostly avoid the worst aspects of the net doing that too.


Erm…I hope this is in jest?


Just try pushing me off a course again on GTA and you’ll see :wink:


Leave me out of this.