The Expanse


Just caught up with season 2.

Even though I knew the second series ended before the end of the first book, I’m still disappointed we didn’t get to see what exactly the Protomolecule is doing on Venus because - if they follow the book - it’s so fooking cool and takes the whole thing off in a properly off the rails direction making everything happening in the system completely pointless.

Also - did everyone else spot the guest star in the final episode? Adam Savage from Myth Busters for those who didn’t recognise him .

Cannot wait for March for season 3.


Have not read the books. The series is good. Finished season 2 a while back.Seen Savage there! He was doing some stuff on his youtube channel looking at the effects stuff they had.


Season 3 starts on April 11th :slight_smile:


Ooo - I’d forgotten about this one. Enjoyed the first couple of episodes but got distracted…will come back to it after I watch season 2 of Preacher…


Awesome. Cant wait. I love this show.