Suggestions for a game, plz


My two cents:

  • Basically every Lego game - they’re on PC and console and are couch coop (Controller compatible)
  • Strategy games as others have suggested - AOE, Empire Earth, XCOM, etc. Another to check out is Valkyria Chronicles which is a 3rd Person turn-based strategy game that I highly recommend (Controller compatible)
  • Portal Knights - Variation on the Minecraft formula with a chibi art style and stronger RPG and progression elements (Controller compatible, nothing too reflexy)
  • Torchlight/Torchlight 2 (KB+Mouse, button mash rather than reflexy)
  • The Sims - @Angelclaws and @Kate would be the go-to for where to start with these (KB+Mouse, nothing reflexy)
  • Stardew Valley - I think a few people have played this but if not @Kate is a big fan if you want to ask any questions (Controller compatible)
  • Windward - Just dug this drug of a game up. Sail the seas, fight pirates, trade, explore. Nice and slow, pretty Zen but fun (KB+Mouse, very simple controls, slow going)


Has she considered OGame? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This +20



Here’s a fuckload of suggestions!