/r/StarWarsBattlefront: "Seriously? I paid 80$ to have Vader locked?"


Well, I’m lost on this thread a bit…

From the bits that I did grasp, it confirms to me that:

a) EA are in it solely for the money.

b) Gamers, on the whole, have become the biggest arseholes on the planet

c) The post that I made on the thread about Amazon buying LotR… This kinda proves it. EA combine two great “I’ll buy this even if it’s shit” product – A variation on Battlefield and Star Wars. They could probably charge £150 for the game and make it like shit and make a new version for the next 15 years… and it’d still sell.

This requires a summary.


So basically, money making company makes money from people who only complain by threatening to kill employees of company and not by boycotting future products as a protest to their business behaviour. All because they love the brand.

Marketing, eh.


Well, at the very least the threats are reasonable. T’was not so long ago that I had markedly substandard Ginger Nut (soggy, it was a complete piss-take) and I was forced to murder a Mcvities rep and pelt his weeping family with biscuits during the funeral.

Forgo your rights as a consumer, and companies will get to do whatever they want!

Never had a soggy biscuit since. Well, I think so anyway, I tend to dunk so I’ve not really checked.



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A just posted news item over on Hexus, which just compounds how greedy the likes of EA, Activision etc are:


curious to see how sustainable it is. Remember after WoW when there were a heap of other subscription MMOs that sprung up because gaming as a service and getting continuous money out of users was the way forward. they died; turns out outside of a few flagship titles, too many of them still lacked long term sustainability because users weren’t willing to keep spending to keep them going. Now they figure if it’s smaller amounts more frequently they can keep squeezing money out of titles for longer, but i’m not convinced it’ll be successful for a majority in the long run.


apparently they’ve also reduced the rewards from playing matches so it might still be the same length of time to unlock characters if they were reduced by 75% also


Just leaving this here:




Surely this is after 40 hours of Annakin getting to this point and finding no-one there yet who had done enough hours to unlock such a leet character and just hopping off and walking up the slope…?


It’s also worth pointing out there is no Paid for DLC in the game in a sense as all the content is going to be added for free including Single player content so i think it was either this or a season pass thats splits the player base ever worse then this ‘issue’


What a fucking turn around!!!

EA Has Removed Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Microtransactions Hours Before Launch


Fek me didn’t think that would happen although mini trans should stick to the mobile where they were born and where they will die


My first reaction was “Wow…that is a pretty big climb down” but, I watched Jim Sterling’s video showing the problems on the Xbox and my cynicism kicked in and made me wonder if part of the climb down is the community outrage but that is coupled with launch bugs and performance issues.

Don’t reckon I need to give a ‘trigger warning’ to you guys since you are mostly normal human beings, probably already know what Jim Sterling is like and you already either hate him or love him - or both - but as ever he has titled the video in a way that might ruffle a few of you and he his is stereotypical hyperbolic self.

If you don’t like him, mute it and just have a look at the performance issues/bugs - they’re pretty horrific:


i read about tbis climbdown on reddit this morning… and the general opinion seemed to be it was bullshit… mainly because it is a temporary thing until they choose to reimplement it… which will probably be after everyone has paid for the game…


Hi strangers!
So question - is this game worth getting??


Hey Maccy!

Played the beta, was good. not sure its worth the money or all the bad press.


played this over the weekend with Reno and Nal, I have a few none-lootbox comments:

It looks BEAUTIFUL. Both in a general sense and in the sense of being the best visual representation of star wars outside the films.

It sounds AMAZING. It took me a while to notice, but it feels like every ambient sound effect is picked right out of one of the movies.

It plays well; i’m not that far into it but the campaigns been enjoyable. The multiplayer is a mixed bag; I’ve had a few REALLY good rounds, and a lot that were quite hit and miss. It’s the star wars themed version of battlefield 1 i didn’t realise i wanted to play until it arrived. It feels a little different in terms of infantry movement speed and the distances in ranged combat and i still need to adjust a bit, but it’s been fun, and ultimately that’s all i was looking for :slight_smile:


After getting a chance to have a beer with and chat to Chuckles at Caoland I feel the need to clarify something since I’ve initiated and have been the bashiest of EA in this thread (or the only basher?).

I know a lot of game developers separate from ZiiP from back in my uni/post-uni days and actually do understand that the monkeys holding the wrenches aren’t usually the evil guys Mr Burnsing their way through the industry taking big dumps on everything in the pursuit of dollar dollar bills and at the expense of the idealist picture of gaming I have in my head.

My problems are with the managerial, corporate elements of EA and related companies like Disney and their unquenchable thirst for exploiting any and every source of revenue until they’re withered husks.

I don’t really think I need to clarify that since I think - at least hope - that most of you know me well enough to know that I’m not trying to say Dave in the SFX department who’s spending his time making laser beams/bolts look fricken sweet is also planning and implementing microtransactions and loot box economies nor do I think Dave would have any say one way or another in the matter.

I just hate what the ‘money men’ are doing to my beloved hobby and even though I’d likely have never bought BF2 either way, I get extremely worried when I see high profile games from industry giants turning so much attention to these monetisation strategies.

I really feel like we should all be concerned and really quite annoyed by this stuff and should talk about it when boundaries are pushed and make more noise if lines are being crossed.


in agreement there; i know a number of devs. None who’d deign to work on games mind, but devs none the less (actually there’s one guy my old flatmate jokes about because he’s meant to be ‘shit hot’ or whatever, but he ended up at Zynga; he was the head of our uni gaming society when i was the treasurer). It’s not them doing this; at worst they’re being told it’s a requirement and having to facilitate the functionality.

It could be worse. What if Disney, in their infinite wisdom, bought EA? When they bought lucasfilm they shut down whatever remained of lucasarts because they had no interest in in-house game development. Well they could buy EA, spin EA Sports out to do it’s annual iterations and shutter the rest of EA as a publisher/distributor, keep the bits they want, and have their own corporate overlords tell everyone to monetise everything.

Of course, if they were going to do that they’d probably wait until EA did something to make themselves really unpopular first…


really fun to play looks stunning and not bother to much by the progression system