Hunt: Showdown Alpha


Anyone get a key for the alpha testing for Hunt? Got one myself so looking to buddy up!

EDIT: In case anyone doesn’t know what it is, its a battle royale-esque game mode but with 8 players max, you go into the map and have to try and kill a “boss” monster, while also avoiding other players, before making an escape, ill leave the trailer so you have an idea


That looks like a beautiful and hyper tense version of the Stormvermin: Underhive stuff! Looks great. Obviously with the PvP element thrown in…


I was watching stonemountain play this the other day didn’t really impress much its a good idea but the gameplay doesn’t suit it


yeah the gameplay is pretty tense, since there isn’t anything to say how many players are left, and noise is so important that you want to stay quiet in case someone is nearby

im enjoying it so far, the optimisation is horrendous though!


enjoyed this tonight. Only played one round with @adrock and we did capture the bounty. Well someone did the hard work and died in the process and we just banished the evil boss dude. I say we as I spontaneously combusted whilst just waiting for the banish to complete.

But yeah, still needs some work, but overall very atmospheric, and like the idea that you have no idea if other players around. Looking forward to some more games.