Garry's Mod Obj Hunt Game night - This week!


Do all the maps and stuff come in the main Obj Hunt bundle? or do I need to grab separates? – if so, can you give me a list of good maps?


there’s a fair few good counter strike ones I know would be ideal:


I’ll dig out some custom ones when I’m back from office.


Ahh cool - I can remember a fair few of the CSS ones. Yeah - gimme a list


ph_minecraft_awakened ( minecraft themed )
PROP HUNT: Wolvin’s Little Restaurant (ph_restaurant_2017 + SFM)
PROP HUNT: Wolvin’s Fancy Sub-Urban House (ph_fancyhouse)

i’ve played on theses maps before and they are great fun


Thanks for setting this all up Jester ^^

So the server’s live now, is the IP. Got all the prop hunt stuff on it so you shouldn’t need anything else.

IF you have CS source in your library it woudl be better to install that, as it causes some issues on certain maps otherwise.

Reckon we should definitely have a game of this on the weekend!


I’m going to try and dodge going to a BBQ today to jump on


Ok, this is going to take me more time to get my head around because it is being a PITA. – and as it seems a lot of people have loaded BF4 again, there doesn’t seem much point in rushing it infront of other things that I need to do.

I’ll get it running as soon as I can.


no worries mate,thanks for all the hard work though i do appreciate it, if you need me to help or do anything gimmie a shout im happy to help.



BF4 was one idea, driven by someone, mate.

Feel NO pressure on getting this done. :slight_smile: It happens when it happens. When it does, we’ll have fun! :slight_smile:


Weren’t a complaint matey, fact is we can only play one game at once.