Fortnite Battle Royale


Anyone tried it yet? I believe its F2P, so might give it a go at some point for a change of pace.


I’m a bit dubious of this F2P model - but I do like the look of the game… and if it is free… then I’ll definitely give it a shot at some point.


Only the Battle Royale is free.

The coop campaign isn’t. I am playing that at the mo and am loving it. Haven’t touched the BR because R-tards.


So you have to buy the game to get the free mode?

From the vids, just not my cup of tea but if a games free then I would give it a go


MY GOD MIC! Don’t give developers that idea!

Free DLC! (Only £9.99)


As of either this week just ended or sometime next week, the game goes actual F2P.

The ‘buy-in’ was to get the ‘Early Access’ perk that let you play a month or so before everyone else.


It’s only BR that’s free.
Main game goes F2P in 2018 sometime.

I have a spare code if anyone wants it.