FM2017 - Adding Players for a ZiiP Game


Missed me out… :frowning:

I feel the need to not attend training and go on strike in Brazil on full wages now. Let me know when the board and chairman has rectified this situation.


No I didn’t - you were in the quote. :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:


Ahh fair enough. I just read the final list at the bottom.

I’m afraid my gates are stuck now so I won’t be coming to training. Talk to my agent. I still expect to score 20+ this season though. I don’t want to play football in Turkey.


DC eh?

For the record i am very much two footed. Especially in tackles!


Surname: Mayhem
Nationality: Scottish
Position: you decide
Hand: Right (the Gripping hand)
Age: 17, obviously


not sure I could convincingly be a supporter. To me sports need wings, engines or sails…


Meet the ZiiP Cheltenham Squad:

GK will be @Angelclaws , BonkersBM , Zorndar (CREATED)

DL will be Frog51 aka Mayhem , Leepants , @magicaltrev (CREATED)

DC will be Scottyboy , @Windy, GiantKiwi, @mars, MicJules (CREATED)

DR/DWR will be @Virulent-Pip, Doyle, Harrington (CREATED)

DMC will be Lauren, st00kz, Adrock (will include MC/AMC) (CREATED)

MC will be spoonlamp, @Nalgaroth, @MadMan, Zahkhy (will include ML/MR) (CREATED)

AMR will be Reno, Xander, @vredesbyrd (will include MR) (CREATED)

AML will Jesta, Andyrooo (will include ML)

AMC will be @BlackRaven, fl3xxxo, ChEd, Hammy (will include AML/AMR)

ST will be n0tch easy_geeza , @RoGuE, Buggs

I will be creating these over the next week or so and will create a new Topic for the game. If you fancy following the game, please let me know what type of detail you wish to see.

For example.:

Full match players, goals, cards, injuries, halftime/fulltime scores
Brief match - scoreline, goals scorers, cards

Transfer/injury news
International call ups etc.


I don’t even understand what AML/AMR is?
Anyway use the nick.
Any position :wink:
Way over that 25 for the age.
Ability would be 95 if that is the minimum.


Keep me informed if my player gets nicked for drink driving, sleeps with any other players wives, doesn’t declare sponsorship deals on his tax return or gets found out for betting against matches that he participates in.


that shit, drug use and match fixing aren’t in the game. some say it’s because people just want to view it in a positive light; cynics like me think it’s because it would only last until the first case of ‘your video game says my client is statistically likely to become a criminal, this is defamation’.

In the few real world cases of long term bans, the players tend to have a ban applied but no descriptive reason given, just ‘banned from footballing activity for N months’. Of course the editor lets you set reasons so community DB updates tend to accurately reflect reality, as it’s not defamation if your client is currently banned from football for testing positive for cocaine.


7 players to create… will post ages, nationalities when complete


Cheltenham Team:

Adrock - 17 - Gibraltar
Andyrooo - 19 - England
Angelclaws - 17 - San Marino
Blackraven - 24 - Finland
@BonkersBM - 19 - England
Buggs - 20 - England
Ched - 20 - England
Doyle - 18 - Norway
Easygeeza - 17 - Scotland
F Mayhem - 21 - Scotland
Flexxo - 19 - Finland
Giantkiwi - 23 - New Zealand
Hammy - 20 - N Ireland
Harrington - 20 - Finland
Jesta - 24 - Brazil
Lauren - 17 - England
Leepants - 22 - Wales
Madman - 23 - China
MagicalTrev - 21 - Mexico
Mars - 17 - England
MicJules - 17 - Faroe Islands
Nalgaroth - 22 - Italy
Notch - 26 - Seychelles
Reno - 17 - England
Rogue - 16 - England
Scottyboy - 19 - Scotland
Spoonlamp - 18 - Italy
Stookz - 19 - England
Virulent-Pip - 22 - England
Vredesbyrd - 20 - Ireland
Windy - 24 - Norway
Xander - 17 - Wales
Zakhky - 18 - USA
Zorndar - 17 - Japan

You have until the end of the week if you want your age or nation changed!


Gibraltar, San Marino, and the Faroe islands eh… you, me and Angel are going to get soooo many caps :crazy_face:


OK dry run there are a few issues that I will need to fix so there is another 10 places available in the squad.

If you want your character to switch or add a further string (position) to your bow, please post up.

Any suggestions for ZiiPs missing from the game of if you want a second character please post up.



Ages: from 22 to 30.

Name: Crspy - 27 - ST - Wales
Name: Oneb - MC - Argentina - 30