Call of Duty WWII PC Open Beta


Be on most of tomorrow afternoon, out the rest of the weekend


Yeah - I noticed more when I played just now. Depends on the player class. Sniper/Mountain seemed really slow and heavy compared to other classes.

Yep. HS count. Like all COD games its about upgrading your gun and finding the one that works. Definitely would prefer HC in terms of hits. But I like the mini-map is SC to give an idea where the enemy are.


For those that can’t play until this evening:


One hour in is the “WAR” Mode…


I’ll try and get some of my videos up later today. I’d prefer it if, you know, we take our own opinions on a game - from people that you’ll actually be playing with in the community rather than forming an opinion by a random Youtuber, if I’m honest. :slight_smile:


immediate thoughts: alt+F4 works fine.

genuinely the first thing i had to do.


And it’s a big no from me.

It looks god awful. The PS4 version looks a LOT more polished than this does, it feels like I’m running through treacle and there appears to be some sort of mouse smoothing bullshit going on.

I’m not sure how it can be running so poorly on my PC, with graphics that made COD4 look up to date whilst somehow running even worse.


The reviews on Steam are sounding similar… with apparently the ‘PC Port’ being handled by a separate dev team. It certainly isn’t a smooth or fluid as COD:MW

Funny you should mention the mouse… I thought it was just me :smiley: – Find it really hard to turn around fast… I thought I might have to play with my DPI… but yeah, it could be some smoothing code or something.

I’m not hating it… in fact, quite enjoying just mindless blasting - But I’ll struggle to warrant £30-40 on it at the moment.


Anyone likely to be playing this later?
How big is the squad for friends to play together?


Party of 6 mic i think.

Just had first blast at it.

First minor grip. The menu is interpreting my ts push to talk mouse button as effectively an enter button. Making chat whilst on the menu a tad annoying.

I played on Domination and War Mode.

War I quite enjoyed, As attacking started off with a simple capture objective point. Then move onto build a bridge. Then blow something up, then escort a tank. Enjoyed it. And was on a Carentan/church type map from ye old MOHAA original COD.

Then played domination on some sort of bombed out town, a snowy Ardennes map and then on a sunny Gibraltar. They all felt very small indeed. And very linear.

Visually, looks ok without being stunning. Not quite sure what I was expecting, but playing very smoothly for me.

Sounds just like old cod to me.

Playing it. Had to adjust my mouse setting to sweet spot, but didn’t really feel any different to cod games of old. Had a few decent rounds, and a few shockers.

Will give it a good wee blast over weekend to see how I feel about it, will probably still buy it for campaign, how much multiplayer will get played will depend on how well war mode holds out, as domination seems very boring now.


Had a go…didnt give me any real excitement or make me really want to rush out and get it. Was just a run and gun from old that was ok…but stopped me playing COD.

Ill give it a few more goes and see what happens.

Was running smooth on my work PC with out adjusting anything in the menu


Had a blast on war mode. Like the mode. Game itself is very meh. No different to other CoDs, very run and gun and half a clip to kill someone. Not sure about this at all.

Will upload a small bit of me playing soon.


Note to self, turn on push to talk


Same old same old for me… dolphin diving, bunny hopping, all the things that is wrong with gaming was evident last night.

I cannot justify 40 quid plus for a single player game with a meh MP mode.

The game confirmed it for me when I had to change my settings from Ultra/High to Low level to be able to turn without feeling like you were covered in non breathable rubber.

My gaming time is a precious thing and this is not something that will be part of that time.

Time to get my space back and uninstall


I hear you Mic. Had a couple of good rounds with @Scottyboy on War. But tactically I prefer R6 and for every good bit of cod, there are a dozen bad bits.

I’m not paying 40 quid for occasional good games.


Have got used to it now. Found the play fun and enjoyable for the most part. Once I got back into twitchy shooter mode.

Yeah there is bunny hopping and doplhin diving, but for the most part once you are aware of it and who is doing it becomes fairly easy to deal with . Only thing I will say, is they need to sort the bunny hoppping visual. Seeing @hammy do it earlier looked like he was just floating through the air bolt upright!

For me Hardcore mode would slow the game down. And WAR is certainly set up to be a team challenge match. A coordinated team would do well, and a mish mash of pubbers will likely not do very well. One of my gripes with the way COD went, was kill streaks. Or score streaks. Now that option is removed in WAR it makes it feel more oldskool COD. I would like to see this on more maps.

It is however, frustrating on the domination/hardpoint/tdm maps that it is only 6v6. This clearly from the port form Console. It limits the map size, points are too close.

Not convinced the hit detection is quite working. I have seen several instances of shots off to the side of people registering, and my own shots which are pretty bang on not registering. (Beta!?)

Division and basic training options are fairly similar to what we are used to with perking up your player and weapons.

Visually, I play it on max with setting with decent fps. It doesnt look mind blowing but plays fine and smooth. Have found some lag though on certain servers.

All in all, I will probably get this for the campaign when it is a bit cheaper. But I am curious about war mode for different maps.


Haxs will be the feature of this game. Apparently the video you see here is a hack from Infinite warfare. That seems to have ported straight into CODWW2. I know its just the beta but I dont hold any confidence of this being sorted really.

Interestingly the second guy in the video, I looked at his profile on steam and he pretty much states he is cheating. I also noticed that someone who commented on his “group” was actually on the same server and had just killed me equally with a hack immediately prior to this one. TuRox I think his name was. He has a VAC ban on record with steam, 95 days ago.

Some people. Shakes head.


Yep. That’s me out then. Not at £40

Speaking of which…

You have to consider the situation we have here. You have little shits hacking a £40 game. They can’t be buying a new game every time their account is banned by VAC, so they are probably using a key gen. – Effectively stealing a copy of the game AND making everyones life a misery who spent good money on it.

So we’re forced to live in a DRM enslaved world where to legitimately ‘buy’ anything you never really have full ownership - a worse situation for everyone and yet the little cun… ‘scoats’ don’t give a fuck regardless.

I wish authorities would clamp down on them as a priority.

Anyhow, this game may be something I come back to when it is less than a tenner (never gonna happen with Activision) and all the hacking wankers have left for new games - although by then, everyone else will be pixel-perfect and too advanced to play against.

Opportunity missed I feel.


It’s a shame because I was starting to enjoy it. But never worth 40 quid.