Battlefield 4? Maybe?


Doesnt HC still show spotting on your full map? So you just have to add that extra step. Just means you have to be aware to hear the call by your team and check map?


Can’t remember. That minimap is near useless due to its size. By the time you’ve looked at it and worked out what it refers to, you’re either dead or the enemy has moved due to the pace of the game.


I should be about this evening to give this another blast and see how I get on with it again :slight_smile:


installed today, after nicking a SSD from Jes :joy::joy:


Do I as an origin access owner now get all the DLC for free? Think I’ve still the base game installed.


Hammy the DLCs have been free for a good while now. So yes would be the answer.


Played a few rounds last night with everyone, was good to be back! Not quite what I remember, but I had fun nonetheless, I may be on tonight as well.

Great thing is because we all haven’t played it for so long, I can actually kill some of you :wink:


i was really enjoying the other night then when alot of the moaning about the mode started it ruined any enjoyment i was having, so all i will say is if playing on a normal server isn’t your thing don’t, please don’t join me and bitch about the experience as im not making you do any of it.

contrast that played last night wiht mars and xander and we just enjoyed the chaos of it


Probably wont be on til Friday but if you’re about Reno, I’d be up for a game.


I prefer hardcore as a sniper, because shots actually count… but equally, I prefer vanilla (or softcore or whatever) because there are a lot of features that only work in that gamemode - like spotting with beacons, and certain scope attachments

The thing that bugged me the other night (and I’m not sure if that is when you are refering to Reno) was that we were playing on a 64 man Rush server. That has never been fun… It’s just carnage - neither side planted the bomb.

I’ve played a couple of times in the day on 24/32 man SC servers… and its been really good fun. If it’s 64 slot Metro, I’ll make an exception.


I think it’s best for everyone if I bow out of this. My dislike of Softcore is already causing problems for at least one ZiiPster, as evidenced by this thread, and for the sake of a few games here or there I don’t think it’s worth me bothering to play.

I am the polar opposite to much of what is being said in this thread and that is likely because I prefer a less, for lack of a better word, ‘Arcadey’ experience in these kinds of games these days. For me, softcore plays like COD pretending to be Battlefield. I dislike the 3D spotting, I dislike the nerfed weapon damage, I dislike the regenerative health…too much rubs me the wrong way for me to be able to just shut up, play and - most importantly - enjoy.

I’ll stick with ARMA, R6 and Titanfall 2 for my multiplayer experiences and just suck it up if BF4 makes a big resurgence and becomes regular. Couple of single player games out soon and I’m back to work to so I’ll have plenty to occupy my time if no one is about for games.

Peace out!


i could not disagree more with some of those points verd sorry

( also it’s called Normal on the server browser saying softcore makes to seem as your talking down about the mode and people who play it not directed at anyone in particular just a general annoyance)

the game was designed and built around the normal experience then adapted to the HC setting it’s been this way since BF2 spotting ect.

i will only every play Normal going forward so if you see me laying that and don’t like you k ow not to join on me.


And this is why we all stopped playing bf4.


i was only jumping on every now and again for a bit of personal fun didn’t expect a resergance of intrest in the game, i was happy to start playing Gmod with people


Don’t get me wrong, I’ll jump on when I get home for a blast but we’ve all changed as has bf.

For me it was always about bigger maps and vehicles. Small maps with no vehicles was cod for me. Plus most of the normal mode features annoy me where as they work for others. Horse for course and all that.


I think people adopt the term softcore as it is a direct opposite to hardcore. I don’t think people refer to it as a derogatory term… like there is a hardcore master-race or something. I mean, its just a game afterall.

As a community, we’ve always played hardcore, simply because as time has gone by from our very very early days of gaming in Blackrats, we played in a objective-realism game mode (no hit markers was a key point). As we progressed into new games, then we followed a similar mindset.

I agree that to some extent, hardcore is too hardcore on BF4 and removes some of the squad elements that make it fun. But, for some, SC equals frustration.

At the end of the day, the Normal/Hardcore conversation falls under “personal opinion” - there is no right or wrong… So when it is discussed, can we ensure that conversations don’t get too heated :slight_smile:



I will shoot people in the face. I will enjoy doing so. If I can preferably shoot randomers in the face, it is better than shooting friends in the face.

The only thing for me in Normal mode is that I run out of LMG ammo too quickly :smiley:


it isn’t why i stopped :stuck_out_tongue:


Game modes aside I just thought it was nice to be playing online with peeps from ZiiP again :slightly_smiling_face:

I also forgot how fast the FAMAS sends bullets at the baddies! 25 rounds dont last long :rofl:


But by then you’ve killed at least 30 people haha