Battlefield 4? Maybe?


i have all the exp since EA gave them away at some point :open_mouth:


Only took me minutes to install the expansions … So yeah… :see_no_evil:


Game downloaded and installed… now for the expansions


All installed…



BF4 is alive and kicking… ZiiP squad just like old times


Christ on a bike but I need to get my eye back in with this! :smiley:

Could barely hit a thing! Still, good to have a proper squad, not just a bunch of randoms :slight_smile:


i absolutely hate Hard core and won’t play it way to frustrating for me


If anyone’s about tonight I’m messing around on a HC server atm


Good games tonight…

Normal mode was superb, yes you need to use more bullets for a kill but it is just really good fun. Pearl Market was superb. Still don’t enjoy vehicle maps - maps just too big.


Well after not playing for 10 months I can safely say I can’t hit shit! :rofl:

Hopefully playing a few, more familiar, maps I might get back to being able to hit something!


Have they released any new content since the last DLC (maps , weapons)?


Not that I am aware of.


None that I recall. If you has premium or the 5 expansions you’re grand. If the last one was final stand that’s all that came I believe.

I do enjoy this still, and haven’t lost my touch with it.


What I am not a fan of, is being on the other team from everyone else, and having my every. Single. Position. Called out in real time every 2 seconds.

And I got quite cross on TS. Unlike every other time, I ain’t apologising for it. That was without doubt the most infuriating thing I’ve faced since the days of the Tahu and Jawsy tank combo.

This was so much fun until That Match. I’m all up for bants, but I’m not up for hearing my damn name and co-ordinates being echoed around the place while being forced to take on the rest of you and the enemy team, knowing full well you were bearing down on me every time you called me out.

It was, to say the least frustrating.

Don’t want that to put anyone off, mind. BF4 still holds up really well, pure chaos and teamplay coming together in this weird mix of “OH SHI-” and “HELL YEAH” that still works. I believe it works better in normal, not hardcore. So if we’re going to stick to certain modes, that’s the better one.

Yes you aren’t going to kill someone as quickly as you like. That works both ways, and you aren’t going to be demolished immediately the moment you step out of cover. So it acts as a nice buffer instead of being frustrating.


I found it an odd experience playing on regular mode as I found myself not making use of the minimap or looking at the ammo/health HUD much.

Extra hits to drop someone is not an issue as I have played the division and I use a FAMAS a lot so RPM is not an issue for me :rofl:

I just need to get the feel of it again and it was good to be back on a BF game with RENOOOOO :slight_smile:


Softcore has 3D spotting? Remember using that on the beta of BF3 or 4 – as a sniper, just keep spotting until you get a red marker… then bang.

There are a LOT of features of the game that are lost in hardcore… especially with spotting, drones, beacons etc.

Might give it a try… Think I downloaded it


I can bear normal mode. Just orefer the challenge of hardcore (doesnt work on some modes though)

3d spotting would screw you over xander regardless of people calling you out. I use the auto spottee anyway which picks up people i havent even seen!


Just played a round.

My R6ness to want to go for headshots pays dividends in BF4 as a sniper. That felt good

I have noticed how nice it is in BF4 that when you move your mouse a fraction, it move 1 pixel on screen. In R6, you move a fraction, and it’s about 3-5 pixels… makes lining up shots a fucking nightmare sometimes.

The round I just played was full of “EZ like your mom you haxxors c**t” – so the player base is as mature as ever. At least you can turn chat off.


Reno found a good server last night…


Hate softcore.

Xanman - that aint nothing new. Back when BF3 was big and the ZiiP server was 50% or more ZiiP on busy nights those of us that ended up on the side with less ZiiP had to endure this every round. Those who couldn’t get on when the rest of ZiiP did were stuck in at most a single squad of ZiiPsters on a side stacked against half a dozen squads of ZiiPsters.

ZiiP are horrible to play against if you’re ZiiP because they know you and how you play and they play together.


Generally, so do I. But the quick blast I play this afternoon felt good. Although I didn’t use any fully automatic machine guns or anything… so they may be utter BS.

Nice to be able to spot people as SL though. Hardcore misses that element completely - and makes it really difficult to play as a squad because trying to describe anything on any of the BF games is an utter ballache. Apart from the Chemist. We know where the Chemist is.