Battlefield 1 re-installed


Well I have reinstalled and would welcome a game or two…


Still got it installed, Flexxo & Blackraven are on it most nights afaik


Normally PUBG but at least we can get a squad going or two


Will defo get a game with you. Wont be on tomorrow night though. Out. Maybe over the weekend. Maybe later tonight.


I will be on later on if you’re about… for a relaxing game like yesterday with @adrock and @Xander lol


Well we can be on BF1 as well. Tried it a bit again last week and got creamed.


Anyone up for a game or two this evening?


Tried some of the new modes tonight, Frontlines for instance.

Pretty good, needs a decent squad


havent got the premium yet. Probably after I come back from OZ.